General Notes

Users are allowed around 3 kicks before a ban, though depending on the offense this can come sooner or later. In addition, a ban should last only around a day, although as with kicking this can vary depending on the offense.

Chat Rules

Rule 1: No spam

  • 5 lines of roughly the same amount of text counts as spam
  • A passage of text longer than 5 lines counts as spam
  • Filling chat with any kind of image counts as spam
  • Any of the above, or any other unlisted kind of spam, is not punished if the chat is empty or dead

Rule 2: No harassment

  • Do not excessively insult other users
  • Do not try and start drama in chat
  • Do not ping someone without reason
  • Do not be excessively racist/sexist/homophobic/etc.

Rule 3: No NSFW

  • Do not link NSFW content in chat without at least giving a warning about it
  • Do not copy/paste NSFW text
  • Do not have NSFW roleplay with other users in chat

Rule 4: Nothing against the ToU

  • Do not post disturbing imagery
  • Do not post jumpscares or anything similar
  • Do not ask for personal info
  • Do not post any kind of malware
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