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An undead ghoul created by the powers of Belial, Orlok is a vampire that has feasted on the blood of peasants for untold years. During the events of Nosferatu, Orlok buys a house in Wisborg for unknown reasons. After spreading plague throughout the town, Orlok is vanquished when the protagonist's wife, Ellen, sacrifices herself to keep Orlok in her room til morning.


Destructive Ability: Superhuman Class[1]

Strength: Superhuman Class[2][3]

Speed: At least Human Class, possibly Subsonic Class[4]

Power: Not applicable

Durability: Superhuman Class[5][6]

Range: Standard melee range, several meters with telekinesis

Powers & Abilities

  • Likely Superhuman Physiology
  • Shapeshifting: Biological. Orlok is capable of shifting his form to that of a wolf. In fact, the peasants he preys on even refer to him as a werewolf, not a vampire.
  • Telekinesis: Orlok has a weak form of telekinesis, only sufficient enough to open gates, doors, and lift his own body.
  • Immortality: Undead. Orlok is a vampire, risen from the dead by Belial. As long as he continues to drink blood he'll stay alive.
  • Telepathy: Orlok seems to have a weak and uncontrolled form of telepathy. His servant was able to sense his death, and Hutter's wife, Ellen, was able to sense and prevent Orlok from drinking Hutter's blood.
  • Invisibility: On two occasions in the film, Orlok displays and ability to vanish from sight.
  • Possible Disease Manipulation: Orlok seems to bring the plague with him, though this may just be a result of him purposefully infecting areas with rats.


  • Sunlight: Orlok perishes in the sunlight, vanishing into nothing but a pile of ashes and fire.
  • Soil: Orlok must keep Transylvanian soil with him at all times, for if he does not rest in it he will lose his strength and abilities.


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  2. Carried his partially filled coffin throughout a town with one arm without strain
  3. Implied to have supernatural strength, his prowess being described as a dark strength gained from unnatural means
  4. Appears to move unnaturally quickly, though this is likely the footage just being sped up as he never displays this ability again
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  6. The peasants and characters in the film have no method of killing the Count aside from sunlight