The main protagonist of Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D, D was the only successful dhampir offspring of Dracula himself. Being far stronger than most every vampire in the world, and containing lessened forms of their weaknesses, D traveled the world hunting down the monsters that preyed on humanity. All the while, D served as a symbol of hope for humanity, propelling them forwards to take back the world.


Destructive Ability: Wall Class[1][2]

Strength: Wall Class[3][4]

Speed: At least Subsonic Class[5][6][7][8], possibly Hypersonic Class[9][10][11]

Power: Not applicable

Durability: Wall Class[12]

Range: Standard melee range physically, several meters with his longsword.

Powers & Abilities


  • Longsword: D's sword is incredibly long, almost as long as D is tall, and its blade is just as impressively sharp, being capable of cutting through steel with ease.
  • Cape: D's cape is very flexible and strong, capable of grabbing and throwing opponents with ease.


  • Sunlight: While sunlight won't kill D, it does cause him great pain. Every once in a while, D will suffer from Sunlight Syndrome, requiring him to bury himself in the dirt to recover, during which time he's vulnerable to attack.
  • Crosses: Crosses don't hurt D all that much, but they do strain him.
  • Roses: Touching a rose will allegedly put D in great agony.
  • Water: D, supposedly, cannot cross running water or stand in water without being paralyzed, though this is inconsistent.


  1. Split the ground by swinging his blade, Chapter 5
  2. Cut through steel it'd take an hour to get through a quarter inch of with a laser, Chapter 30
  3. See Sources 1 and 2
  4. Stopped a thrown coffin in mid-air, Chapter 9
  5. Intercepted an opponent moving faster than could be seen, Chapter 3
  6. Appeared to vanish to a crowd of villagers, Chapter 7
  7. Reacted to, but failed to avoid, a very close range arrow, Chapter 20
  8. Capable of reacting to, but not completely avoiding, a barrage of arrows, Chapter 24
  9. Threw a knife at supersonic velocities, Chapter 4
  10. Threw stakes so fast they burst into flame, Chapter 5
  11. Cut a bolt of lightning in half, Chapter 17
  12. Survived an explosion that destroyed a massive door, Chapter 7
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