Denki Kaminari is a student from Class 1-A of U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. He uses his Electrification Quirk to shock his enemies with widespread AOE attacks or directed blasts of electricity towards prepared Pointers.


Destructive Ability: Human Class

Strength: Human Class

Speed: Human Class

Power: Unknown

Durability: Human Class

Range: Standard melee range physically, at least 10 metres with Electrification

Powers & Abilities

Named Abilities & Techniques

  • Electrification: Denki's unique Quirk is the ability to generate electricity from anywhere on his body.


  • Communication Earpiece: Denki wears an earpiece on his right ear that allows him to channel his electricity into it and create electrical communication signals. This allows him to communicate with other channels remotely, however, signals can also be blocked out by outside electrical disturbance.
  • Pointers: Disc-shaped projectiles that stick to targets. When Denki releases his electricity, it converges to where the released pointer is. The working distance limit is 10 meters.
  • Shooter: A device Denki wears on his right forearm that fires the Pointers. It contains a dial that allows Denki to choose the pointer he wants his electricity to be directed towards in case multiple Pointers are set up.
  • Optical Visor: A headwear that updates Denki with info about the location of the Pointers.


  • Exceeding his wattage limit causes his brain to short-circuit.
  • Needs to charge up his Quirk by using a phone charger.[1]


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