John Doe is a sophmore at Wellston High School. Entering school as a "cripple" in a world where humans with superpowers are the norm and those with strong abilities ascend the hierarchy. Those without abilities are bullied constantly in this world and marginalized well into adulthood

Normally calm, friendly, brave, and optimistic, he gets along with anyone, regardless of strength or weakness. This gets him regular bullying and beatings by those with power, to "impose the hierarchy".

Nonetheless, John takes the beatings and goes to Wellston with a smile, only for him to be pushed to the edge to reveal his abilities. 


Destructive Ability: Wall Class[1][2] higher with Phase Shift [3]

Strength: Unknown

Speed: Likely Superhuman Class[4], higher with Phase Shift [5]

Power: Not applicable

Durability: Wall Class[6], higher with Phase Shift. [7]

Range: Around 1 meter

Powers & Abilities

  • Power Mimicry Genetic Type, Sight Based: John can copy abilities as long as he sees the ability once, often having a yellow glow in his eyes to reveal his ability is active. Due to the abilities being genetic in the UnOrdinary verse, it likely he can copy genetic abilities so long he has seen them once.
  • Has copied:

John gets stronger the more abilities he copies. He has also copied Stat Amplification abilities before like Phase Shift.

  • Wind Manipulation [10]
  • Shapeshifting Biological.Copied Melli's Demon Claw, which allows her to transform her hand into a sharp claw. [11]
  • Forcefield Creation: Copied Arlo's Barrier, allowing him to reflect attacks. [12]
  • Healing Copied from Elaine, allowing him to heal from Superficial to Internal damage. [13]


  1. Superior to Arlo and Gou, who made a crater of this size, Gou Makes a Crater
  2. Cracked Arlo's Barrier  even though Gou could not,
  4. Kicked down from the sky quickly and dodged an attack at point blank range,
  6. Tanked the reflective damage of his own attack from Arlo's barrier,
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