Lucia Raregroove is the main antagonist of RAVE and the heir to the Raregroove kingdom. He was chosen by the Mother Dark Bring, Sinclaire, to destroy the "fake world" and summon Endless. After his father's death, he became Demon Card's new "King" and has persuaded millions of people around the world to join his cause.


Destructive Ability: Mountain Class[1]

Strength: Mountain Class

Speed: Mach 2403, possibly Mach 5607[2]

Power: Mountain Class with energy beams, Continent Class with Overdrive[3]

Durability: Mountain Class

Range: Around 0.8 meters normally, at least 5,000 kilometers with Decalogue and Overdrive[4]

Powers & Abilities

Weapons & Fighting Styles

  • Decalogue/Neo Decalogue: A sword that has ten different forms. With each form comes a new appearance and different abilities.


  • Can become arrogant and overconfident in a fight.


  1. Fused with Endless who can blow mountains away,
  2. Absorbed Endless and gained its speed and powers, Endless Blasts Across the Earth
  3. Overdrive has shown to be capable of destroying a small continent,
  4. Has the same range as Endless,
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