The Masked Man is the final antagonist in Mother 3. He is Porky Minch's most powerful Chimera by being able to pull the Seven Needles and commander of the Pig Mask Army. His duty is to pull all of the Needles and eradicate the universe as per Porky's desire. In the final Chapter, it is revealed that he was the kidnapped brother of Lucas, Claus.


Destructive Ability: At least Superhuman Class[1][2]

Strength: At least Superhuman Class[3]

Speed: Likely Human Class[4]

Power: At least Superhuman Class[5]

Durability: Superhuman Class[6]

Range: Extended melee range with weapons and PSI

Powers & Abilities

  • Flight: He has jet-powered mechanical wings that enable him to fly.[7]
  • Electricity Manipulation: His blade can cast powerful bolts of lightning.
  • Energy Manipulation: Offensive PSI that hold no elemental ties is ambiguously Energy Manipulation.
  • Power Nullification: Shield Killer removes any Stat Amplifications used for defense boosts.[8]

Named Abilities & Techniques

  • PK Love: A powerful PSI attack that can attack multiple enemies; grants him the ability to pull the Seven Needles.
  • Shield Killer: Removes any defensive PSI Shields that others have cast on themselves.


  • A sword that can cast lightning
  • Mechanical wings
  • A blaster that shoots laser beams


  • Too much physical damage will cause him to malfunction.


  1. Equal if not superior to Lucas and party, as he knocked most of them unconscious in a single attack;
  2. He could be only slightly superior, as when in a 4v1, he lost against them in a previous battle.
  3. See Sources 1 and 2
  4. No enemies in Mother have any significant speeds or attacks of their own that are above superhuman levels
  5. See Sources 1 and 2
  6. Can easily survive the reflection of his own attack back at him.
  7. Footage of Masked Man flying
  8. Footage of Shield Killer
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