Kirby can mimic powers from items and other Star Warriors


The ability to copy abilities and powers from other people. Depending on the verse and the setting, the powers one can mimic vary wildly. Due to the nature of this ability, it is one of the more common abilities with a no limits fallacy attached to it. As such, this ability is separated into various types.


  • Sight - The ability to copy powers just from seeing them, this implies that as long as the user has seen the power once, he can mimic it. 
  • Touch - The ability to copy powers either from either touch or by being touched with an ability.
  • Spiritual - The ability to copy the powers from copying an incantation or ritual of some kind. Often mixed with the above two in some capacity.

Power Types

  • Genetic - The ability to copy powers either by replicating or stealing the genes of said powers. 
  • Physical - The ability to copy physical powers, such as Invulnerability, Super Strength etc.
  • Spiritual - The ability to copy spiritual powers, such as the abilities of spiritual or soul-like beings. 
  • Magical - The ability to copy magical powers, the most "broad" category, ranging from simple elemental magic to hax such as Time or Space Manipulation.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Can add more abilities to their arsenal mid-fight, often combining abilities for greater effect.
  • Due to the nature of the ability, can be tricky to pinpoint powers copied in a large brawl.
  • Sometimes, the power copied is more effective/stronger then the original, thus leading to greater effectiveness.
  • Sometimes can be permanant.


  • May have a time limit/threshold for the powers copied.
  • Often limited to copying powers from one power type IE: Magical, Genetic, Physical, Spiritual.
  • Those who copy powers via touch or by being touched are at the most risk of injury/death, especially if the power is a one hit kill, like Soul Manipulation or Existence Erasure.
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