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Blackbeard can nullify the powers of other Devil Fruits with his powers.


The ability to nullify abilities and powers from other people. Depending on the verse and the setting, the powers one can nullify vary wildly. Due to the nature of this ability, it is one of the more common abilities with a no limits fallacy attached to it. As such, this ability is seperated into various types.


  • Sight - The ability to nullify powers just from seeing them, this implies as long as the user has seen the power once, they can nullify it.
  • Touch - The ability to nullify powers either from touching or being touched with an ability.
  • Spiritual - The ability to nullify powers from nullifying an incantation or ritual of some kind. Often mixed with the above two in some capacity.

Power Types

  • Genetic - Powers based on DNA, what the user is born with. 
  • Physical - Powers based on physical alterations their users gained after birth.
  • Spiritual - Powers based on the soul or similar concepts.
  • Magical - Powers based on magical energy.
  • Technical - Powers coming from advanced science and technology.


  • Can nullify abilities mid-fight, leaving their opponents in a weakened state.
  • Sometimes the power nullifcation is permanent. 


  • An opponent's powers may return after a certain time limit.
  • May be limited to nullifying powers of one power type.
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