Luffy sees the future of Mihawk cutting off his arms.

The ability to see into the future. This ability is often linked with various other abilities, usually Extrasensory Perception, Mind Manipulation, Time Manipulation or Destiny Manipulation. Users with this ability can into various futures at once, often with varying levels of mastery. Due to the broad nature of this ability, each level of mastery and feats for this ability should be listed on a character's profile.

  • Low - Those who can see into one future at once. Those with this level often see a future at random that involves grievous injuries or death of the user or have sudden premonitions that are difficult to control.
  • Mid - Those who can see into multiple futures at once and have a fair mastery of their ability. Those with this ability can often see seconds or even minutes into the future to counter any attack that may come their way. 
  • High - Those who can see hundreds or any other large number of futures at once. Those with this ability can see into the future so far and accurately that landing a death blow on them is near impossible.
  • Top - Those who can see all possible futures at once for as long or as little as they desire. 


  • Even Low-tier mastery of this ability can provide a significant advantage in combat, often thinking steps ahead to plan for what they can do rather than thinking in the moment.
  • Those with Top-tier mastery of this ability can have an absolute defense against others as long as they can conceivably react, fight or keep up with their opponent.


  • Those with Low-tier mastery of this ability may be unable to control this ability accurately in a fight.
  • Some users who can see into the future can still be subjected to a speed blitz if they cannot react in time.
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