Reality Warping

Reality Warping

Mages like Ixidor in Magic the Gathering have minor reality warping.

Reality Warping is one of the most common and least common abilities in all of fiction. It is the ability to manipulate reality itself, either altering it's physical rules, matter, or even the concepts behind it. Generally speaking, any ability 'not possible' is a Reality Warping ability, no matter how strong or weak it is. General usage of the ability varies and each usage of the ability should be critiqued.

Possible Uses

Time Manipulation

Spatial Manipulation

Void Manipulation

Mathematics Manipulation

Soul Manipulation and/or Mind Manipulation  

Fate Manipulation

Wish Granting

Nigh-Omnipotence (Usually within the reality they are warping)

Logic Manipulation

Causality Manipulation


  • The ability to manipulate any physical or conceptual law, depending on how strong the user may be.
  • Some users can use their abilities to grant themselves Immortality so long as the reality they manipulate continues to exist.
  • Some users of a high level can even manipulate causality or fate, and thus control the outcomes of fight themselves.


  • Some users may only be able to manipulate one aspect of reality at a time.
  • Some users may only be able to manipulate the realities they created.
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