Piccolo regenerate arm

Piccolo can regenerate his limbs, making him hard to effectively damage.


Regeneration is the ability to repair the one's body from external damage, effectively making them difficult if not downright impossible to permanently injure. This ability can be classified, broadly, into eight various types.


  • Superficial - The ability to regenerate at a rate faster than most humans. This often applies to flesh wounds of varying sizes. People with this ability cannot regenerate from internal damage or loss of limbs.
  • Regrowth - The ability to regenerate limbs, either within seconds or overtime. This type of regeneration makes incapacitation via limb loss practically impossible.
  • Internal - The ability to regenerate internal damage, such as damage to the heart, stomach, lungs, or various other crucial organs that otherwise most humans cannot live without.
  • Fractional - The ability to regenerate from individual pieces of your body. This type of regeneration can be closer to reformation as well, or the ability to "stitch" or "reattach" pieces of your body back together.
  • Particulate - The ability to regenerate from pieces of particulate matter, such as atoms or quarks.
  • Spiritual - The ability to regenerate from a soul or consciousness, even if your body was destroyed. This type of regeneration, by default, nullifies Matter Manipulation and some methods of Soul Manipulation as a means of incapacitation.
  • Nonexistent - The ability to regenerate from nothing. This type of regeneration nullifies Void Manipulation as a means of incapacitation.
  • Meta - The ability to just regenerate, beyond existence and non-existence. This type of regeneration is usually granted by abstract entities and doubles as a type of Immortality.


  • Users can counter opponents with higher strength by constantly regenerating damage.
  • Some users of this ability can become immortal.
  • Particulate Regeneration can hard counter various hax abilities. As an example, those who can regenerate from nothing will come back even from Void Manipulation.


  • Regeneration may take time, and regeneration taking more than minutes can be countered by an opponent by simply destroying the rest of the body.
  • Some users are utterly defenseless and unable to use their abilities when regenerating.
  • Users of higher levels of hax can nullify this ability entirely. For instance, someone who can rip out souls will nullify all forms of regeneration up to Spiritual.
  • Some with Internal Regeneration may be unable to grow back limbs.
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