SCP-076-2, also known as Able, is an ancient Semitic man who was experimented on by the Daevites early in his life, granting him great strength and speed. He was one of the earliest anomalies contained by the Foundation and, temporarily, one of the most useful.

Able, due to his abilities, was selected to be the leader of the Mobile Task Force "Pandora's Box". However, after completing every mission given to him by the Foundation he grew bored and decided to set off a containment breach leading to a nuclear detonation. Able is now kept under heavy guard, and is to never be freed from containment.

SCP-076-1 is a 3 meter wide stone cube seemingly impervious to every weapon known to man, including nuclear detonations. Its sole purpose is to resurrect SCP-076-2 should he ever die. This process takes anywhere from 6 hours to 25 years, and has never been interfered with.


Destructive Ability: Wall Class

StrengthLikely at least 485 tons-force[1]

SpeedAt least 18.3 m/s, likely over 55.6 m/s[2]

  • Reaction Time: At least 16.4 milliseconds, possibly up to 5.4 milliseconds
  • Travel Speed: At least 21.3 m/s

Power: Not applicable

Durability: Likely at least 485 metric tons-force

  • Electrical Resistance: Possibly up to 20,000 V[3]

Range: Likely 1-2 meters with blades, at least 6 meters with spears[4]

Powers & Abilities

Weapons & Fighting Styles

  • Chains
  • Spears
  • Hooked blades
  • Swords


  1. Can easily rend apart steel, The Strength of Able, SCP-076-2
  2. Capable of deflecting bullets, The Speed of Able, SCP-076-2
  3. "Killing corridors" require 20,000 volt shocks to contain him, SCP-076
  4. Threw an obsidian spear over 20 feet, It Wasn't a Vacation


SCP-076-1 is a 3 meter wide cube made, presumably, by the Daevite civilization. Inside the cube is a coffin through which SCP-076-2 is resurrected. To date, the cube has never been damaged, even by nuclear detonation.


Destructive Ability: Not applicable

Strength: Not applicable

Speed: Not applicable

Power: Not applicable

Durability: Unknown[1]

Range: Not applicable


  1. Survived a nuclear detonation of unknown yield unscathed, SCP-076

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