Palkia is the embodiment of space and as such is able to control space with his powers.


The ability to manipulate and control space. This ability is often one of the most common hax in fiction. Due to the wide nature of this ability, those with this ability should have their limitations and strengths have shown on their page.

Possible Uses

  • Teleportation via folding or swapping space.
  • Slicing via cutting space.
  • Telekinesis via folding and controling space.
  • BFR via cutting space or creating wormholes.
  • Crushing via "rending" space.
  • Summoning via cutting space or creating wormholes.
  • Intangibility via merging with space.
  • Portal Creation.


  • A versatile ability with a variety of uses, often ignoring speed in combat are likely faster with instant teleportation or by ignoring durability by BFRing or cutting through space.


  • Those with Immeasurable speed are likely faster than "instant" teleportation. Those who can regenerate from nothing or with the same ability can ignore the durability ignoring properties of this ability. Finally, space is linked with time, and as such may be "canceled out" by those with mastery of Time Manipulation abilities
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