Strength is one of the five core stats core to a character's ability, along with speed, power, destructive ability and durability. On this wiki strength is measured by the amount of weight a character can move, known as Lifting Strength, and the amount of energy a character can hit with, known as Striking Strength.

Striking Strength

Striking strength is a measurement of how hard a character can physically attack something. This is measured in joules, tons of TNT, Foes, and metric tons-force.

It is generally recommended that metric tons-force be used for lower values of strength over joules, as they represent the strength displayed better than an energy figure does. After around 0.01 Tons of TNT, however, energy becomes more preferable.

If you reach a sufficiently large value when doing an energy calculation, please use the extended metric system as a guide for simplifying it.

Lifting Strength

Lifting strength is measured by the amount of metric tons or kilograms a character is capable of lifting. Pushing may also qualify for this, but that is calculated differently and should be evaluated on a case by case basis.

It should be noted that while lifting something while flying also counts as lifting strength it is generally considered to be a separate kind of lifting, although it is still usable for this stat. The reason for this differentiation is because while the character is technically lifting the object, the lift is coming from their propulsion rather than the strength in their arms or legs.

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