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Susie was one of the three main protagonists of Deltarune and was a central member of the Heroes of Light. Originally a bully feared at her school, Susie fell into the Dark World with Kris while running an errand. Once there, Susie learned of her destiny as a Hero of Light from Ralsei. However, instead of joining the Heroes she rejected her prophesied role. Susie became an antagonistic force until near the end of the Hero's quest when she learned of her friend, Lancer's, mistreatment at the hands of his father.


Destructive Ability: Superhuman Class[1]

Strength: Superhuman Class[2][3]

Speed: At least 64.3 m/s[4]

Power: Not applicable

Durability: Superhuman Class[5]

Range: Standard melee range physically, several meters with her spells

Powers & Abilities

Weapons & Fighting Styles

  • Mane Axe: Susie's default weapon. It was a heavy ax too large for either Ralsei or Kris to use. Susie considered herself too good to use this weapon.
  • Brave Axe: A heavy ax that was more powerful than the Mane Axe.
  • Devilsknife: A scythe that Susie received after defeating Jevil. It was Susie's most powerful weapon, and it lowered the cost of her Rude Buster technique.

Named Abilities & Techniques

  • Rude Buster: A spell that allowed Susie to launch a wave of Rude-elemental damage at her opponents. It dealt moderately more damage than her standard attacks.
  • Red Buster: A spell that allowed Susie's power to be amplified by Kris' SOUL, granting Susie the ability to launch a massively damaging wave of Red-elemental magic.


  • Amber Card: A square charm that allowed Susie to slightly boost her defense.
  • Dice Brace: A bracelet made of dice. It gave Susie a little more defense than her Amber Card.
  • Iron Shackle: A shackle taken from a prison wall. It amplified Susie's strength and defense.
  • Jevilstail: Susie's most powerful piece of equipment, which she received after defeating Jevil. It gave her boosted defense and an increase in strength exceeding that of the Iron Shackle.


  1. See Sources 2-3
  2. Was easily able to lift Kris into the air with one arm
  3. Battle animations depicted her swinging a large battle ax at superhuman speeds with one hand
  4. Moved at least this fast to block soundwaves, Susie Blocks Soundwaves
  5. See Sources 2-3
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