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The ability to instantly move from one place to another without physically moving between the two locations.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Users may negate BFR attempts by teleportating back to their original position.
  • Users can dodge attacks by reacting to them, without needing physical speed.
  • Advanced users may be able to teleport parts of an object, or otherwise teleport objects away from themselves.


  • Teleporters who are falling or were thrown may conserve momentum after their teleportation.
  • The amount of time it takes to teleport may vary depending on the user.
  • Some teleporters are unable to teleport to locations already occupied by matter.
  • User may need to know a location they're teleporting to before teleporting there.
  • Users may only be able to teleport objects in contact with themselves.
  • Teleporters may have limited ranges.
  • Teleporters teleport anything that is in physical contact with them. This means that if a villain touches the teleporter, they will be teleported with them.
  • Without proper training, this power can be a danger. For example, if there is a nearby object (such as a wall) to their destination, they might teleport into it, causing possibly fatal injuries.
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