• Hey there, are there any particular areas of the wiki you want some assistance on, or parts that would be good for me to try and work on?

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    • Right now I'm trying to standardize each profile to make everything a little more coherent.

      Things like profile images/renders that are longer and show the full body of the character and every page simply having Strength/Speed/Power/etc. properly spaced and linked.

      Aleister Crowley would be a good example of how long the images should be (though I feel like the renders could be a bit more high quality), while SCP-076 and Jack are both good examples of how the format should look (not to pat myself on the back ;)).

      Pages like Deathstroke and Luffy are also obviously unfinished, though that's more due to a lack of feats and calcs than it is formatting issues.

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    • You're also free to switch the Keys to being on top of the page (above DC, below verse) rather than on the bottom.

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    • Is it Class or Busting at the end of a tier? I’ve seen both used.

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    • Class if it's estimated, Busting if it's calculated.

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    • A FANDOM user
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