Time manipulation hiro

Hiro Nakamura can use his powers to travel through time.


The ability to manipulate or control time. This ability is one of the more common hax in fiction and as such, strengths and limitations should be listed on a user's profile.

Possible Uses

  • Time Stop
  • Time Rewind. 
  • Time Travel.
  • Time Slow.
  • Time Acceleration.
  • Time Erasure.
  • Limited Precognition.


  • A versatile ability with a wide variety of uses. Can often ignore speed via Time Stop, ignore injury or death with Time Rewind, and exploit paradoxes via Time Travel, ignoring durability. 


  • Those with Immeasurable speed can ignore Time Stops. Those with Paradox Immunity can ignore the effects of Time Rewind or Time Travel. Finally, Time is linked with space and as such may be "canceled out" by those with similar mastery of Spatial Manipulation abilities.
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