As you may have noticed, we recently reached over 100 pages on the Wiki! Thanks to everyone who's helped out with that.

Celebration baby

With this, though, there's gonna be a couple changes.

Firstly, no more pages can be created as of this moment. All new pages must be put in blog form first, then finished before the page can actually be posted. This is to avoid the Wiki being cluttered with WIP pages, which I'll admit even I've contributed to. In order to have your page reviewed before posting, please submit your draft blog on this thread.

Secondly, before anything else, all current pages must be finished. If one of your pages is lacking sources or isn't properly formatted, fix that before going on to make more new pages.

The first change is going to be added to the rules. If it's violated, you will have your page saved and deleted. If you have any other questions about this, you can ask them on the above thread.

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