The Mii Brawler is capable of throwing an iron ball at fairly high velocities. Considering the size of the ball, this should get some fairly impressive results.

The ball leaves the Mii Brawler's hand at 13.3 m/s, leaving only its weight to be discovered. Since the ball is described as iron in-game, we'll be assuming it has a density of 7870 kg/m3, that of iron.

The ball is 0.467 m wide, and thus 0.234 m in radius. As a sphere its volume would be 0.054 m3, and as iron its weight would be 425 kg. Knowing both our weight and velocity we can calculate the energy behind the Mii Brawler's throw.

KE = (0.5)(m)(v2)

  • m = 425 kg
  • v = 13.3 m/s

(0.5)(425)(13.32) = 37,600 J


  • How Strong is the Mii Brawler? - 37,600 J, Superhuman Class

Tidbit: For reference, this is over 50x the energy behind Olympic level shot put throws.

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