Water bending water manipulation


The power to manipulate water, one of the four classical elements in both eastern and western philosophy. One of the more common abilities in fiction, this ability varies wildly from series to series. Due to the nature of this ability, specific mastery of this ability should preferably be stated on the user's profile.

Possible Uses

  • Water Creation and Manipulation
  • Weapon Creation
  • Flight or Levitation
  • Body Manipulation
  • Drowning

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Those with this ability can manipulate any source of water, either from the vapor in the air to the water inside a victim's body.
  • May allow for healing.
  • Drowning bypasses durability.


  • May be weak to another opposing element, such as Earth.
  • Cancels out with Fire Manipulation if the two clashing are of a similar level.
  • Some users may require water to be present and as such is useless in environments with little water.
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