Wiki Rules

  • Don't vandalize articles
  • Don't change stats in articles without first making a content revision thread, editing spelling and grammar mistakes is fine though
  • Do not make profiles without any sources on them, you should at least cite one feat in the page
  • Don't violate Wikia's Terms of Use
  • Don't use sockpuppets

Forum Rules

  • Don't spam in forums, doubleposting is fine but discouraged, any more than that isn't allowed
  • Don't start drama with other members
  • Don't fill a post with images, just linking them is fine
  • While general banter is allowed, don't go too far with insults
  • Before making a content revision thread, try to see if your arguing points have been brought up before
  • Don't release the personal info of users in threads
  • Changes to an article can be suggested and debated about in the comments of that article, though it isn't very encouraged
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